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21.02.2017 08:58 - Great Living Homes : Perth Home Builders
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If you are thinking of building your new home in the Perth metro area or surrounding suburbs, why not choose local Perth builders to undertake your construction project? Contrary to popular beliefs, using smaller Perth home builders does not necessarily mean your costs to build will increase or that you will receive a substandard home.

The main benefit of using a smaller local builder is the fact that they have fewer projects on the go at one time which in turn means trades people aren’t being rushed to complete one job so they can get to the next job. This contributes to a higher quality finish with more attention paid to the finer details, unlike with the bigger home builders of Perth. Another important difference between small and big builders is the customer service aspect- because bigger builders have hundreds of clients, they need to be very process-driven and they don’t have the ability to tailor their customer service to suit each individual client as that would be too time-consuming (and time is money). With smaller Perth builders like Great Living Homes (who only build in the Perth- Mandurah region), fewer clients means the staff get to know each and every client personally and build strong working relationships with them.

Great Living Homes are a small, family-owned company based in Mandurah (south of Perth). By establishing several industry partners such as In2Steel and Proline Products, as well as large suppliers like Dowell Windows, Stratco and M&B Building Products; Great Living Homes remain a well-respected and reputable builder after more than 20 years in business. We obtain competitive pricing on our building materials and we use local tradespeople who are experienced in building in Perth’s climate and are familiar with local building regulations such as Bushfire Attack Levels and Coastal conditions. All of these factors contribute to the high standard of building that we are passionate about.

What distinguishes Great Living Homes from other Perth home builders is our unique technology and method of building two storey homes. Unlike any other Australian builder, we build two storey homes by constructing the upper floor on the ground before lifting it with hydraulic jacks into the air and completing the build underneath it. We have discovered that this method can cut weeks off the standard build time (when there are no other delays out of our control), it creates a safer and more accessible work site as there is no requirement for scaffolding or working at heights and it can save our clients’ money as we don’t need to include the costs of scaffolding, cranes or other expensive machinery in the price of the home.



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